Are You REALLY Keeping Your Shoppers Engaged?

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August 14-17

This report uncovers meaningful shopper insights to answer unknowns such as what keeps shoppers on your site and what causes them to leave. It also reveals the shortcomings in your shoppers' product discovery journey.

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InsiderVue - Your Commerce Personalization Audit

  • Deep CX insights on minimizing bounce rates by individualizing the shopper journey
  • Actionable, industry-specific drivers for increasing on-site engagement and conversions by 60% with dynamic personalization
  • Conversion Optimization by monetizing all your visual content, image AND video
  • Modeling and Revenue Optimization through Intelligent Automation that significantly improves operational efficiency

Key Takeaways

Automated Shoppable Video Solution


AI for higher Conversions and Avg. Order Value (AOV)

Automated Image Tagging and Correction

Cost Optimization With Intelligent  Automation 

Visual Recommendations curated by an AI Stylist

Always-On, Easy To Use Retail Suite

On-Site Dynamic Personalization's End-To-End Retail AI Suite

Email Personalization

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The Robots are coming for your wardrobe!

Demystifying the hype from reality with all things AI in Retail

Anand is the CTO and cofounder of Mad Street Den. He's a Neuroscientist, with a long history in academia. An alumni of Stanford University and with a history that includes working with IBM, DARPA, Stanford and more. Anand's one of the few in the world with a combination of Biology (Neuroscience), Hardware (Neuromorphic Engineering) and Software (AI systems).

Anand Chandrasekaran

CTO and Co-founder

Mad Street Den

About the Speaker

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

"With, it’s like the friend, and in our in our case one of our style editors - who goes shopping with you, because she understands what you like, recommends products and ensembles that would look great on you. Only that it does it for thousands of shoppers simultaneously, in real-time."

Jarle Snertingdalen, Villoid

"We see as the one-stop-shop for searching shoppable fashion content, visually primarily. The Holy Grail in our space right now is being able to reliably find shoppable content inside complex imagery - which is working on."

Yashika Punjabee, The Label Life

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